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make a natural hand sanitiser

A natural nourishing hand sanitiser you can make for yourself.

For most of us, our hands are probably screaming at us right now! All that extra hand washing and the use of alcohol-based sanitisers has an extremely drying effect on our skin. Some people may even have skin irritation because of this.
Hand sanitisers are a great alternative to washing your hands – especially when you are out and about, so here is a natural and nourishing alternative you can make for yourself.
natural hand sanitiser coronavirus aloe vera tea tree witch hazel lemon vodka peppermint
Does natural work?

This is what most people will ask right now. In the light of coronavirus, all I can say is, it is not approved by the WHO. However, this is a natural alternative and will help give you options in the light of hand sanitisers being sold out everywhere. There are many essential oils which are strongly antiviral and antimicrobial as well as immune stimulants. They will definitely not be doing any harm, so if you have no other options, why not give it a try?
The base:

The bulk of a hand sanitiser is usually some form of gel and alcohol. To make your own natural hand sanitiser there are many different ingredients you can use for the base. These are my recommendations:

Alcohol – this is effective at killing bacteria and viruses, but surgical spirit is sold out everywhere so most people will not be able to get hold of alcohol stronger than Vodka. Alcohol is also a preservative so has two purposes in this recipe.
Aloe vera gel – this is naturally antimicrobial and is also gently moisturising for your skin.
Sunflower oil – this will stop the hand sanitiser from being too drying for your skin.
Witch hazel – this is a natural plant extract which is antimicrobial and very cleansing for the skin. It can be found in most pharmacies – but if you are unable to get some, just use boiled cold water instead.
natural hand sanitiser aloe vera tea tree witch hazel lemon peppermint corona virus
The essential oils:

Tea tree essential oil – strongly antimicrobial - meaning it kills off bacteria and viruses. It is also an immune stimulant so you will be looking after yourself inside and out.

Lemon essential oil – strong immune stimulant and antimicrobial. Lemon essential oil not only kills bacteria and viruses, it is also uplifting and refreshing.

Peppermint essential oil – antibacterial and antiviral. Peppermint is great to ward off respiratory infections and is also cooling on the skin.
The recipe:

This recipe is for 30ml of hand sanitiser. If you want to make more, just scale up all the ingredients as you would in baking. Make sure all your utensils are dry and clean and wash your hands well before you start.
You will need:

• a container to put your natural handmade hand sanitiser in – you may have an empty one you can reuse.
• A bowl to mix the ingredients
• A teaspoon measuring spoon (such as what you use for baking) but a regular spoon will also be fine.
• 2 teaspoons of aloe vera gel
• ½ teaspoon of sunflower oil
• 2 teaspoons of vodka
• 2 teaspoons of witch hazel (or filtered water if you don’t have)
• 15 drops of tea tree oil
• 8 drops of lemon oil
• 7 drops of peppermint oil

Combine all the ingredients in your mixing bowl and give a good stir. It will start to turn white as the ingredients form an emulsion (just like salad dressing). Don’t worry if it doesn’t turn white – just transfer it into your bottle and give it a good shake. This will mix it together even more thoroughly, and then it will definitely turn white!
Natural hand sanitiser aloe vera tea tree corona virus
This natural nourishing hand sanitiser should be used within 1 month.

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