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Raw Skincare

What does it mean?

Raw ingredients are not refined, not bleached, not deodorised, not heated, not stripped of their natural healing properties. They have the natural smell, taste, colour and nutritional properties of the plant component from which they were extracted.

How does it apply?

I decided to only use raw ingredients in all our skincare products as they contain the most nutritional value for our skin and minimise the amount of toxins. As with all natural products which have not been refined, there can be a natural variation in colour or smell (think of apples – not every apple is exactly the same every year. The weather and the location can create subtle variation even for the same variety).

Why does it matter?

Less processes means less chemicals. Not only on our skin but also being washed down the drain and into our precious oceans. The refining process of skincare products is heavily toxic all in the name of creating perfectly white, odourless bases which can be fragranced and coloured to create perfectly consistent colour, fragrance and texture.

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