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skincare and gender

Skin is skin. It functions the same way regardless of your gender. Next time you choose a skincare product, try not to look at the name/gender/description before you smell it or try it. You may be surprised that you like something you would normally never have even considered.

Managing stressful times

Yesterday I took a day off from all media. I was feeling quite overwhelmed and helpless. All the worries, overload of information, speculation, end...

make a natural hand sanitiser

A natural nourishing hand sanitiser you can make for yourself. For most of us, our hands are probably screaming at us right now! All that extra ha...


What does it mean? Fresh means minimising the amount of time between when a product is made and when it is used. We usually associate freshness wi...

Organic Skincare

What does it mean? Organic refers to the farming method by which a plant is grown – without the reliance on artificial fertilisers and pesticides....

Raw Skincare

Raw ingredients are not refined, not bleached, not deodorised, not heated. They have the natural smell, taste, colour and nutritional properties of the plant component from which they were extracted.

Confused by skincare labels?

Have you ever read the ingredients on your skincare and wondered what you were putting on your skin? Most of the time we fall for the simple marketing on the front and turn a blind eye to the rest.

Is salt organic?

This is a question many people ask and not surprisingly there is some confusion. In the UK salt cannot currently be classified organic, however in some other countries it can.

Why use face oils?

Oil has created a bad name for itself in skincare because nobody wants to look oily. This is a common misconception. You will not look oily, I promise!