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Our mission is to revolutionise skincare products.
To make raw organic skincare the norm not the exception.
To prioritise freshness over shelf life.
To use only recyclable and sustainable materials.
To dare to be different.


Blackbird & Rain was founded by Evaleen and Valentin, a freethinking couple who started challenging the status quo of the skincare market. Frustrated with all the smoke and mirrors and lack of genuine quality, they decided to be bold and create a skincare brand focused on the fundamentals of what skin really needs.

Our promise to you
Simple, Honest, Down to earth

Simple products crafted with a less is more approach. Honest ingredients, honest marketing. Down to earth products to meet your day to day needs.

Raw Organic Ingredients

Products are made solely with high quality, raw, organic ingredients. We never include preservatives, emulsifiers, alcohol, artificial colourants or fragrances. 

Freshly Made

Made from scratch when you place your order. This way we can guarantee they are truly fresh, providing the best possible quality and nourishment for your skin. 

No Plastic 

Packaged in recyclable and biodegradable materials. Please help us look after the environment by reusing or disposing correctly.

Vegan Friendly

Only plant based ingredients. Never tested on animals. We believe it is best to test all skincare products on the species they are intended for.