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Lavender Pink Bath Salt

Lavender Pink Bath Salt

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Lavender pink bath salt is beautifully relaxing, perfect for an evening wind down and a peaceful nights sleep. Adding salts to your bath will help cleanse and detox your body by stimulating your circulation and flushing toxins out of your pores.


Organic Lavender Oil - deeply calming and revitalising. It is cleansing and soothing for all skin types and has a harmonising effect on mind and body.

Himalayan Rock Salt - unrefined, untreated and free of additives, it is considered the purest salt on earth. The distinctive pink colour is a result of the exceptionally high mineral content, which is crucial for our health and vitality. Himalayan rock salt is extracted from ancient salt deposits deep underground in the foot hills of the Himalayas.

    How to Use

    Run your bath as normal adding a generous 1-2 tablespoons of salt. Give the bath a good swirl before you get in and enjoy. 

    If irritation occurs, please discontinue use. To ensure the bath salt is of the quality your skin deserves remember to use within 6 months of opening and use by date. 

      pink himalayan rock salt, lavender oil (lavandula angustifolia), linalool*, limonene*, geraniol*, coumarin*
      *natural constituent of essential oils listed

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